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MinasView Labrador Retrievers


About us



About us

1.  who are minasview kennels?

      Minasview Kennel is a small breeding kennel of CKC registered Labrador retrievers. Minasview is a family style kennel, where by all members of our family        share in the raising of our puppies.

2.  who are the canines?

      Minasview currently have 3 doggies, Hershey is 11 years old (almost) she is a beautiful chocolate lab. It was Hersheys beauty and temperment that first            made us consider breeding as a hobby, Hershey is very loving and trustworthy, two of the most important qualities a lab should have. Hershey was retired          from breeding at 6 years old. Raven is Hersheys daughter from her 3rd litter. Raven is a very intelligent black beauty, she is 4 years old and we have a                special bond, her obedience is second to none! Lulu came to us over 2 years ago, she is a sweet yellow lab, Lulu is full of energy and play! Lulu may join          the breeding program at some point, however at this time she is content acting like a puppy not a mommy.

3.   has Minasview ever had to say goodbye to a canine family member?

      Before we ever called ourselves" Minasview" we fell in love with a German Sheppard puppy we named Chelsey. Chelsey was a wonderful dog who lived            with us for 10 years, she was there for the arrival of 2 of our children and was a" built in nanny", she would "watch" over the kids as they played in the yard.        Chelsey died at home, choosing to lie down outside of Herheys kennel to take her last breath, Hershey was just a year old when Chelsey died and we                believe she learned more from her than she ever did from us.

4.   Where is Duke?

      Duke was a chocolate lab stud, he was a very quiet, gentle, labrador retriever, his life was shorter than most labs but he will be missed forever. Unlike our          first dog, who passed away of natures choosing, we had to make that dreaded decision to end his suffering. The staff and doctors at Annapolis animal                hospitol were wonderful, they made sure Dukes passing was peaceful and they helped us say goodbye. RIP Duke

5.  Who are the people of Minasview?

      Minasview is a family, My husband and I have 4 daughters (2 teens and 2 young adults at university). I am a nurse on a surgical unit at our local hospital, I        enjoy gardening in the summer and cuddling puppies in the winter. I have achieved a black belt in martial arts and have a passion for travel. My husband is        in the restraunt buisness, he enjoys playing hockey and biking in his spare time. Bruce is a huge nascar fan and proud to say he has driven the Richard              Petty driving experience.


      We allow new families to meet their puppies at around 5 weeks old, although it is difficult to keep them all to ourselves, it is important that new puppies are        not exposed to any viruses that they have not had immunization against, they are only provided with passive immunity from dams milk up until they get              their  6 week needles. It is also very stressful for the mother dog if too many people are around her pups too early, she may abandon the litter or try to                relocate them if there is too much human contact before 4-5 weeks.

7. Crate training

     We are a big fan of crates! Unfortunately we were not a fan with our first two dogs, and we could have saved ourselves alot of training time as well as                 destoyed possesions had we not been so naive. In the beginning we thought we were being kind to not "lock "away our puppies, but after alot of scolding           and potentially dangerous situations we saw the light! In nature canines have dens, a place they feel safe, this is what a crate provides for them in our                 homes. Crate training will keep your puppy out of trouble when you are not home, it will make toilet training alot easier as they dont want to mess where             they sleep! So please consider a crate, dont learn the hard way, with an injured pup or a destoyed home! We introduce a crate with the door removed at             about 4 weeks and they will naturally go into sleep and never mess in it, so the beginning of training has all ready been started for you.  


1.    What do you feed your dogs?

        Our dogs are fed Eukanuba large breed formula, when available we do choose breed specific formula for Labrador Retrievers, however the latter is                    harder   to find.

2.    How much will I feed my new puppy and how often?

        When puppies leave us between 7-8 weeks, they are eating 3 meals a day, it is best to continue to provide 3 meals a day for the first 6 months then you            can divide the daily ration into 2 meals if it fits your life style better. Eukanuba bags have instructions on your puppies daily requirements, based on                      weight,  written on each bag. It is essential to always have a supply of fresh water available for your thirsty buddy!

3.   can my puppy have treats?

       Yes, but please dont overfeed your puppy! most pet stores carry small treats, and milk bones are great, introduce new food slowly to avoid upset tummies.         we like to give mini carrots to our dogs, a great teething treat! Try giving an ice cube as a toy, they will chase and chew until it magically disappears!

4.   How do I know if my pup is eating too much?

       over feeding can produce loose bulky stools, a puppies stool should be well formed, a change in water supply or new foods can also cause loose stools.             We do not recommend leaving food out to let puppy "graze" all day, meals should be scheduled and puppy given a time limit to consume it; after about 10         mins pick up the dish (even if he didnt finish), this will teach your puppy that he must eat now, and not later, as most people have busy lives and dont have         the luxury of waiting on a picky eater.

5.   How do i avoid my puppy being protective over their food dish?

       You never want your pup to become protective over their dish, this could lead to them biting! At first you should add a few kibbles from your hand while he         is at the bowl, praise him for not reacting to your hand movements, even remove a few and give it back, he will feel secure that nonone is "taking" his food.         At our house we command our dogs to sit, then place the bowls in front of them, they are told "wait", and when we say "ok!" they chow down, this lets us             train our dogs to only eat what we have given them permission to, hopefully preventing them from eating something dropped on the floor that they should           not have! remember dogs are scavengers by nature therefore we need to make sure they are trained not to.


1.    What is a CKC non-breeding contract?

        At Minasview we sell our puppies with a CKC non-breeding contract, this means that you are forbidden to breed your new puppy unless we give you                  breeding rights. It is important to us that dogs are only bred if they are cleared of all health problems and that responsible breeding practices are being                carried out.

2.    What does your guarantee cover?

        Our contract states that new owners have 72 hours to have their new puppy visit their own vet and if the puppy is found to be unsound in any way, he or            she may be returned to us for a full refund. We also guarantee our pups against congenital hip dysplasia for 24 months.

3.    Why should my puppy be microchipped?

        Microchipping is done as a humane way of identification, a small microchip (size of a single grain of rice) is injected under the skin at the back of your                  puppies neck. This is how CKC registers your pup, it is a tool used to find the owners when dogs have been found or it is suspected that a dog is stolen. A          data bank will hold your contact information and if you are missing your pup ypu can provide them with his or her ID number. Puppies cant talk, so its the            way they can tell the people who find them where they belong!

4.    What programs should I look for in my area?

        We suggest starting with Puppy socialization classes, here your pup will enjoy playing with other doggies as well as meeting new people. Usually this is              the starting ground for beginner obedience, so new puppy owners will learn alot! It is also a great way to bond with your puppy, one on one, if you have              other pets in the house or small children.


        We ask that you have your pup spayed or neutered before they are 1 year old, your vet will give you advice on this. we do not require that you send us              proof that this has been done, but it is the only way you can ensure that your dog does not breed unintentially, and there are too many                                          unwanted/unplanned puppies living in shelters or worse