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MinasView Labrador Retrievers

Photo Gallery

2010 pups 4 weeks old 2010 pups 4 weeks old grampy Dakota visiting his pups 72226035 Dakota and puppies 72226036 Coach with grampy 72226037 crate training starts early 72226038 whelping box is getting very crowded! 72226039 Lulu for a run 72226040 Lulu 72226041 8 months old 72226042 Raven out for a break from pups 72226043 scout, first born little black male 72226044 this is Gully 72226045 Hi IM FITCH 72226046 RALPH 72226047 Im little Roro 72226048 THEY CALL ME COACH, THE ONLY YELLOW IN THE BUNCH 72226049 my name is Moose, I was really big and I got stuck coming out 72226051 my name is Lucky, I was born outside, and Bruce caught me before I hit the snow! I am a little girl 72226252 My name is ambercrombie, I am a sweet little girl, the biggest part of me is my wagging tail! 72226253