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MinasView Labrador Retrievers

Puppy Diary

Puppy Diary

The art of raising puppies

Posted by minasviewkennels on October 16, 2016 at 3:30 PM

Wow! Three weeks old all ready, the once quiet nursery is now a place of learning and exploration, weak little puppy barks and growls as they learn to socialize with each other and the occasional whinning if mom has stayed away too long has replaced the calm. The puppies now weight between 4 1/2 pounds and 6 pounds, they are cutting teeth and will have their first meal of puppy mush by weeks end, even though Lulu is keeping up the demand for milk, and eating ten cups of high quality puppy kibble, she will soon start to lose condition since she meets the needs of her pups first. Toys have been added to the puppy pen ( a bigger pen the pups have moved into) they were outgrowing the space of the whelping box, and no longer need it's warmth and confinement. Lulu continues to clean up after her puppies, there is never a trace of soiling except wet blankets, which are changed and laundered three times a day now. The big boy Leo is quite interested in people and will sit and watch what they are doing, he is also the one pup ready for that photo op, Jack is very cuddly and likes to sleep, laid back boy, Chuck seems to be very playful with the other pups, he likes to bite their tails and paw them, Timmy is still the smallest but has actually gained the most weigh since his birth, he is just so darn cute! Kira has her official name, it will be Luna, she is also very laid back and usually found sleeping in a corner with Jack. Lulu has agreed to allow Raven within arms reach of the pups, however she is still protective of them over the two younger dogs Lucy and Beau, and so we shall respect her wishes and not force the issue, I think she is aware of their in expierience. Human socialization is very important beginning now, and we make sure to give one on one contact with each pup. Each morning after I sanitize the puppy pen and change the blankets, I take a few moments to sit in the pen and allow the pups to sniff me and climb over me, they now recognize my voice and tails wag furiously as I greet them with "good morning poopers". All the pups have been arranged homes, and they will bring happiness and companionship , the first couple years of raising a puppy can be stressful, and it will seem like hard work,  but like all relationships will require commitment and patience,  near the end of puppyhood you will be rewarded with the most loyal sidekick you've ever had.

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