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MinasView Labrador Retrievers

Puppy Diary

Puppy Diary

Lulu and Beau Litter 2016

Posted by minasviewkennels on September 26, 2016 at 7:00 PM

Minasview kennel welcomed five black lab puppies into the world sept 24th. Lulu was acting quite normal and not showing any signs of labour Friday night went we put her to bed, she did have the significant temperture drop which all breeders look for to tell them that whelping is within twenty four hours. Midnight came and as I glanced at my ipad which has a live stream of her whelping box, she appeared a bit restless, and with very little room left in her abdomen I just figured she needed to relieve herself, I got up, went to the box and let her out.....she dribbled. I hurried back up the stairs to bed, I had a feeling tomorrow might be a busy day birthing puppies. Within an hour I was back down to repeat the process, however this time she was very restless and had a steady dribble- Lulu's water had broke, it could be within four hours now, I didn't see any contractions, and over the years I've learned that "a watched pot never boils", I made my trek back to bed and watched my IPod, at 2am I gave in, went back to the puppy room, and rested in the rocking chair beside Lulu. Contractions started at 3am, Lulu pushed for a half hour and with each contraction, the puppy would appear and then disappear back in the birthing canal, at last he presented enough that I could grab and pull down gently, He was HUGE! A full fist of puppy, blacker than black weighing 20.5 ounces! Momma was bit overwhelmed by this big brute, so I helped sever the cord and clear away his membranes, Lulu's hesitation soon faded and motherly instincts kicked in, when she was finished bathing her baby he creeped to a nipple and began to nurse. The next half hour was restful for Lulu and as contractions picked up she very easily pushed another large puppy into the world, 17.3 ounces, and just as black as the first. So by this time it's four in the morning, I had texted "sleeping beauty" AKA Bruce twice to let him know that puppies are here but had no response- I quickly ran up the stairs to our room to wake him in person- he did not hear his phone when I texted, and could not believe that we all ready had two pups! At 4:17 am our third black male puppy was born, another big boy at 18.7 ounces, I thought to myself if they're all this big we must be almost finished! A prenatal xray done one week ago led me to believe that this would be a smaller litter. I had now been up most of the night and reallllly needed a refill on my coffee, Bruce was on watch in the rocking chair and Lulu was lying peacefully nursing her three puppies. My ipad sat by the coffee maker still streaming live video from the whelping box, as I stirred the cream in my coffee, I glanced at the screen to count FOUR black puppies! My sprint to the whelping box made Usain Bolt the Olympian look slow! There lying under her tail was the cutest little black puppy I've ever seen, he was perfect in every way but miniature compared to his siblings he weighed just 10ounces, Both Bruce and Lulu were unaware of his arrival and he seemingly just "slipped" out....his cord had broken away on it's own and he was not in a sac, as I dried him off to stimulate him, he cried louder than the rest and was feisty getting to a nipple. I returned to the kitchen now to get my "iced" coffee- sigh. Our last little blessing arrived at 5:35, another black puppy but this one was female, she weighed 15.6 ounces (the average size of a lab pup). Lulu began grooming herself, had a light lunch (she enjoyed vanilla ice cream between puppy births) and went out to do her buisness, these are all signs that the whelping is over, but like always I can't tear myself away just incase there's a puppy still hiding, after many checks with my doppler and stethoscope I finally agreed that she was done- it was 2pm, almost twelve hours since we started and I climbed those stairs to my bedroom for the final time, and nested for three hours. 

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