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MinasView Labrador Retrievers

Puppy Diary

Puppy Diary

The sixth week of life...

Posted by minasviewkennels on April 19, 2016 at 12:35 AM

It's an absolute miracle how eight tiny puppies, weighing about a pound each, unable to hear, see or keep their own temperture regulated, can grow into perfect little labs in just six short weeks....but it's a miracle I get to witness once a year at the kennel. The puppies now have a well equipped "tool box" they have learned to tell me they are hungry, they are hurt, or I need to pee! When they are approaching meal times the whinning starts, it begins softly until the whole choir is singing for their supper.... The "I need help" squeal is a frantic plea for help and cannot be confused with the other vocalizing  heard from the pen, it's usually caused by someone's tail being bitten ...We have begun housebreaking now, the pups are catching on quickly, some will run to the door and bark to go out! From clumsy first steps and creeping across the whelping box six weeks ago, the puppies run full tilt, and it's not unusual to have a wipe out, as they haven't learned to stop abruptly yet! I tell everyone to hold on tight to the pup when they pick them up, you see gravity is not something these pups fear, and they will attempt to fly! Puppies will jump off the step until you teach them to go up or down it.

This morning these beautiful creatures were full of energy! They ate their breakfast, went outside To do their buisness, then I herded them back inside where they chased each other, played in the ball pit, teased the older dogs and attacked each other with their sharp teeth, playtime lasted an unusually long time.... They just didn't seem to tire ( but I did) so after about two hours of mayhem I lulled them to sleep with the hum of a vacuum cleaner, they line up in the pen, propped up on the railing and watched me sway back and forth with the by one they dropped off to sleep (.shhhhhhhhhhhh puppies sleeping)......( less than two hours and they are ready once again to eat and play) from upstairs I can once again here the choir calling, all goes as usual (eat, poo, play) however, I notice puppy #2 pooping on the floor, and puppy #3 running straight towards it, so I quickly grab my selecta size hoping to beat puppy #2 to the mess, out of the corner of my eye I spy a little black butt going out the doggie door (at first I'm excited- how cute Heidi figured out the doggie door!) except now she is outside whining because she doesn't know how to get back in...I have a bounty fist full, but I squeeze myself into the wire crate and open the doggie door to call her back in, I'm half in and half out, my half in part is being tugged at by piranhas at my ankles, so I back out of the cramped space and send lulu out for the pup( I'd go via the man door but with 7 other pups running free, they would slip out too) momma dog goes out the doggie door with three more pups following behind.... Except ten seconds later she returns, just her, I now have four pups outside in the run. I put the other four pups in their pen and decide the best way to get them back is one by one....yayyyyy! Eight puppies back in the nest, I sigh, pick up the scattering of toys, and ask myself " isn't it five o'clock somewhere?" As I'm turning out the lights to return upstairs I look over my shoulder to see Rocky walking towards me, I guess there were only seven in the nest...

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