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MinasView Labrador Retrievers

Puppy Diary

Puppy Diary

Preparing for new homes

Posted by minasviewkennels on April 12, 2016 at 7:15 AM

This is the stage that I begin to reflect why I chose to become a breeder of Labrador desire to produce healthy, well behaved best friends for other families was sparked by Hershey, when we adopted her it was because we wanted a puppy and a companion for our aging German Sheppard Chelsey. As Hershey passed the puppy stage and grew into a beautiful adult Labrador we knew she was special and could improve her breed by passing it on to her offspring, she was a wonderful mom right from the start, she taught us so much about how to care for puppies and be the best breeders we possibly could be. Hershey will be turning 15 this year, she retired from whelping at 6 years old and produced over 40 puppies before that time ( large litters- 15,13, 12, and 4 ) and without Hershey we would not have Raven ( who is my best friend, but don't tell lulu, Lucy or Bo!)

people often ask " how can you give the puppies away?" It's an easy answer for me, "they were never mine to begin with", each puppy is loved while they are with me, but I accept that this part of my heart is just "borrowed" and as I see each puppy leave to their new homes the part they borrowed becomes larger- I've begun to realize that they take my love and caring with them, and in return they give it to their new families, which means I've touched other peoples lives and hopefully enriched it. Of course I get empty nest syndrome when they have all left, but this is only short lived, my time and energy goes back into my forever canine family, and because our minasview families stay in touch, I don't grieve these pups, I look forward to watching them grow and bring joy to others.

i thought I might begin to write some tips for our new owners, but first I'd like to point out that all puppies are individuals, what worked for your other pup may not work for your newest addition, and that I am not an expert, however through expierience and sourcing plenty of information over the years have found some useful stuff to share.

my tip on feeding:

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