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MinasView Labrador Retrievers

Puppy Diary

Puppy Diary

happy 5 week birthday puppies!

Posted by minasviewkennels on April 7, 2016 at 9:10 AM

I have no idea how the last five weeks have flown by so seems like just yesterday we were watching for signs of their arrival! The pups are growing quickly, the biggest pup is Rocky at 8 lbs 1 oz ! the smallest of course is Josie, who has passed the 4 lb mark at 4lbs 2 oz, what Josie lacks in size whe makes up in spirit...she loves the puppy kibble and devours it, this is where her small stature becomes a blessing because she is able to squeeze her way into every nook and cranny at the food bowls! All the other pups are between 6-7 lbs. Last night the puppies had baths and were microchipped for permanent Identification and a means of registering them all with CKC individually. Meals are three times a day now, and mom will nurse them first thing in the morning and last thing at night, the rest of the time Lulu is free to come and go from the litter, Bo and Lucy are enjoying the puppies now as well, Bo spends most of his time bathing them whereas Lucy tries to engage them to play with her,,,,this morning she kept bringing toys to them, she would drop the toy in front of them and as soon as they went for it she would snatch it back up and run away (watching to see it they took the bait). The big chocolate boys are laid back lazy pups, they play for a bit and then wander off to sleep in a corner, Josie expends most of her energy running away from the 3 black female puppies who love to attack her tail...(i try to not intervene because this is how puppies learn to defend themselves as well as learn "biting hurts") The black female with light pink collar (Heidi) remains very curious and independant, when i start scanning the room for each pup, she is usually off investigating her surroundings. The other two black females are always together, and work as a tag team, attacking the other pups and chasing tails. Molly has found the back door and seems to run quickly to it relieving herself.....tomorrow i hope she will do it on the other side of the door. Drake watches everything, he seems to sit and contemplate his next move, he is usually found in front of Bo's crate curiously watching how Bo disappears thru the doggie door and then returns. The pups have not expierienced the outside yet, we like to wait until the five week mark, they can handle the change to outdoor temperatures and fight off any germs they may pick up outside in the dirt...i have started conditioning the pups for their big trip outside by "ringing a dinner bell" every meal i rattle it when they are given food in hopes that they will associate the noise with good things to come...this way when i do start taking them outside for house breaking they will respond to the ringing and follow me back inside (chasing eight curious puppies to herd them in on a rainy day is not much fun). All the puppies are going to wonderful new homes, most have been able to come meet their puppies, allthough for a few the distance is too much, Molly and Rocky will be introduced to their new mom and dad this weekend, and i think its great how the new parents have gotten to watch them develop over the last 5 weeks through the internet!

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