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MinasView Labrador Retrievers

Puppy Diary

Puppy Diary

Exploring the world

Posted by minasviewkennels on April 1, 2016 at 7:40 AM

It's just after eight o'clock I the morning and I'm about to begin my kennel chores, the older dogs have been fed, out to do thier buisness and puppy food has been soaked for an hour. The pups now line up at the window of pen when they hear the food dishes clink, each one starts to whimper and whine " pick me, pick me!" They love meal times! The puppy mush is placed into four bowls and the eagerly gobble it up, they actually consume it now rather than roll in it as they first did. When the bowls are empty momma is required to clean their faces and eat any leftovers ( which there isn't much of) puppies then spend the next 20 minutes exploring the kennel room. Sophie seems to be our brave explorer, always going further away from the rest of the litter, smelling everything and barks at her reflection in the stainless steel wet vac. Josie also likes to roam and has been the first to wander into the big dogs crates, she is fearless! When the pups are tired out they go to a blanket on the floor to sleep (except for Drake and Rocky) they have staked claim to the little spot under the stair of whelping box, these two will probably like being crated/ having their own den. Hershey and Raven join Lulu and her puppies once the food has been takin away, Raven seems to love cuddling with the pups, and they attempt to nurse on her which she allows ( she actually has produced milk in the past- a wonderful foster mom, ready for hire) Lulu is quite happy to share the pups with Raven and Hershey, although she still has reservations about Bo and Lucy, I think she knows that they are in- experienced with pups and that their behavior is still unpredictable and puppyish. While the pups explore I get busy changing the shavings and sanitizing the pen. The puppies have began to play fight and bite each other's tails ( they have sharp little piranha teeth now) and an occasional yelp is heard, they will chew on some toys and roll a ball with their nose, they still have clumsy movements but by next weekend it will be a game of chase to get them back into the pen. Once the pups are fed and put back down in a clean bed it's time to vacuum up the shavings and dog hair followed by mopping ( I could mop all day right now with all the muddy paws coming in the kennel).Lulu looks good, sometimes the mom starts to look a bit haggard at this point and loses weight, as well as muscle tone....she has a balanced diet so I'm happy that she has not gotten thin, she is however "blowing her coat" because the milk production is so demanding of her momma dogs usually lose their coat ( the good news is when it grows back in it's even more beautiful then before) because of all this extra shedding the five older dogs need daily grooming ( I love my furminator) and they love it too, being combed is almost as good as a belly rub. By the time the morning chores are completed it's just about time to start soaking the dinner meal for pups.....the day seems to fly by right now and each hour of my day is accounted for, I do try to squeeze a bit of me time into it however. Evenings are my favorite time in the kennel room, there are less chores to do,therefore I get to sit on the floor and have puppies climb over me, I use this "quiet" puppy time to observe how they are interacting with each other and see the personalities that are emerging, it's also very calming for me, it's meditative because I am in the moment....not thinking about the next chore on the list, just being present in the life and development of a puppy.

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