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MinasView Labrador Retrievers

Puppy Diary

Puppy Diary

Three weeks old

Posted by minasviewkennels on March 24, 2016 at 8:00 AM

Well, it's starting to get very busy here at minasview, puppies are heard barking and growling in the nursery, it's teething time so they have started to chew each other's tails and ears, walking is still an uncoordinated effort but momma is doing her part by standing to nurse them, this forces the puppies to strengthen their legs and stand to feed. Chores will double from this point on, now that puppies can eliminate without their mothers stimulation, she is not as quick to keep all eight babies bathed and the nest spotless- this is where I step in, I go through approximately eight newspapers and six blankets daily right now, sanitizing and changing the pen three times a day. Once the pups are more coordinated in their travels I will switch from blankets to shavings, the pine shavings not only absorbs the wetness keeping puppies dry, it helps to prevent them from stepping in someone else's little messes, also helping to keep them clean. Momma doesn't like to sleep or nurse in the shavings so this all happens simultaneously with the weaning process, she usually chooses to feed them right after her own meals, which is now five times per day. Today I will introduce the first meal of puppy gruel, most will roll in it and then allow the other pups to lick it from their fur ( first feeding is a very messy ordeal!) Socialization has begun, a couple close family and friends have now visited and this is a great way to test that Lulu is ready to share her puppies with the world, she did fine and liked the attention :) Over the next week we will begin to see personalities emerging, I've allready noticed a few characteristics, for instance Hunter, the large chocolate male always seems to be sleeping closer to the door than the others ( actually right in front of it) and even though mom has stepped on him a few times coming and going he continues to "wait", Hunter is either being a protector at the gate or smart enough to know that if mom sneaks back in he will be first at the milk bar! Josie continues to prove herself as a little fighter, she doesn't give up when the others push her away from the nipple! Drake and Rocky are both huge boys that eat and sleep, appearing to be laid back ( this can change!) I have noticed that Rocky does not like his ribbon and most mornings it's magically untied and lying in the corner...The three amigos, Heidi, Sophie, and Jasmine are very much alike, and without their ribbons I would not know who is who ( microchipping at five weeks will be helpful) Our big chocolate girl Molly seems to be an instigator! She is the last to settle down for a sleep and usually trying to be playful and wake up the others.... When I pick up Molly she holds on tight to my arm crossing her paws so that I don't put her back down. 208 nails clipped again yesterday, this helps to condition puppies that handling is ok, and not to fear having their nails clipped, it will also make the quick recede so that if nails are cut too short there is less risk of cutting into the quick ( the nerve supply) it's time to update the photo gallery and as soon as I have a willing "hand model" to hold them for a shot I'll post them, everyday they get cuter, more like labs and less like squirrels....

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